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Great evolution

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

The last few days were efficient. I have hope for this company after all.


Monday, December 10th, 2012

Today was a great day. Planning to pay my debts.

Knee is feeling great. Fixed up some Steadicam stuff.

This was a boring post

THis beer and my tastebuds find harmony

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Brave new world

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

The cancer I see in the mirror grows everyday. I worry I won’t have a nose after tomorrow. But as long as I live. If I can live long enough, technology will make me young again.

Who am I to say.

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

I just realized. I have wanted an assistant that thinks like Myself for years. Capable of learning anything knowable. Able to manipulate his brain and habitat to influence his behaviors.

The trouble is, this person would be looking for an assistant himself. I never may find my ideal assistant. Only the best may do. Time to go easy on people….?

A wonder of life.

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

The smile on her bundled face tells me it’s warm where we
are going.. in time. We start off our first day with Spa treatment,
I get a haircut with my deep tissue massage. Next we go to
prosperity dumplings, pig out properly on sesame pie. Rush tickets
are cheap for the broadway show Avenue Q. I snag some for $25 each.
The tickets we have are front row middle!!! Unbelievable. Easily
the funniest Broadway show I have ever seen. The tears from
laughter prune my face. A trip to the Museum of Modern Art fills us
with art of the new age. I am alway left thinking after some
displays that anyone can make art for the Moma. Then I am blown
away on the techniques used to make almost identical shades of
black on a painting that is all black. You can only see them after
prolong starring. The only way to complement the day is to enjoy
home styles fries with horseradish mayo, mango mayo, and garlic
mayo sauces from papa fritas. Nothing we eat all week will get us a
fat as this meal. On new years Megan and I rush to the party. With
only 30 min to go till the new year it doesn’t look good, that we
will be in time. We rush down the streets finally making it to 4th
St with 5 min to go. We run into the deserted street reaching the
number 100 with time to spare. Except we only get to 98 and the
street ends… With no door to enter in sight, no people to join
even temporarily, Meagan and I hold each other in the middle of the
quiet street while the fireworks show their energy above the
distant skyline of manhattan. The joy warms the air, and by joy I
mean Molly makes it impossible to have an awesome night. We finally
visit Clayton and supermodel Rachel. We prepare for a cold Zoo
trip. The Brox zoo is massive, but no animals even after walking
for 15 min. I start to get concerned that we have been scammed. But
the are told that the big animals have been moved indoors. We see
so many animals inside that I more than satisfied. That night we
share a bed for the last time till we meet again. Our trip to the
airport is like the rest, warm besides the cold. Even after a few
days I start to take her presence for granted. She buys her airtran
ticket and because of our nature we never look back. I only know
because I do in the camera footage. I dream of my next blog. If I
can do what I have done before, it’s going to be quite the video
after all these years of saving footage.

The rutine of our thoughts

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Why wordpress ap? Why. No post lately. WordPress loosing all my post.

Oh well. One less emo post in the world. Not much longer. I can see the light. But I am not done suffering for my crimes yet.

I introduced god and the devil and expected them to not cut me out. These are the battles I can not win for a while.

Another life.

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

What is it to live. To love. To lose. Is it what we feel? Is it the experience?

I have been through much and now I have to confront my biggest obstacle. Something I have yet to experience. Life without school.

Thoughts of change

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

There is nothing in this world that you can have forever. Not a place, a memory or a person. That is beautiful.

I only wish we could share more time.

Burning Man 2010

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Ok time for my big show right? You know that thing I always harp about people not doing enough…. Preproduction….this time even I knew I had about half done that was needed. Instead of having 2 lav mics we had one…. and it didn’t work well. Even after a full day of driving to audio repair shops and music stores we barley had it working. Our best chance was on the mini attachment mic that Fox had brought.

After and hour of tent setup and crushing my thumb on a wrench a women comes out and tell us we have to move since we are on reserved space. We apologize and are about to pack up when the leader of Glitter camp comes back. She says if we move our tents along the blue flags we be good to stay, while unbuttoning her shirt…..She opens her shirt revealing 2 small firm breast. She continues to say that all be good but someone better suck on her nipples….. In a mix of hospitality and hormones Fox and I oblige. Not a moment to soon because the rain starts to POUR! The first rain I have ever seen at the man.

Starting the week with a total failure in audio lead to failure in attitude. Something my crew could not recover from with everything else so quickly planned. The careful groundwork crashes to ashes like the well built man on fire. The emotions overcome the structure. Burning Man is a dreamland filled with nightmares. But the pain of the physical and mental is no match for this utopia. But the rain might be….
From then on out I give up on the show and decide to have a great time. And what a time it was! Lets see if I can remember AND share :-)

Once the heavy rain stops I hear massive yelling from around the city. I pull myself put of my tent and see a double rainbow in the distance. The slight is one hell of a sign.

While raining some temporary neighbors set up camp where we were. We warn them through our tent windows of the reserved space and how we got to stay here.
At one point I pull my home made skirt up and show my underwear to return the favor of our new temporary neighbors who are soon kicked out.

Fox and I head out after I put on my pope hat and Lab coat, and we say to meet at the tower. I go to the nearby tower the long way since my bike has no breaks. Once I get there Fox never shows up. This is not an easy place to find your friends. No cell phones! The clouds break while I stand on top of a human ant farm. The view of the temple and playa hits me hard. So hard I don’t have to kick myself for not having a camera.

I continue to explore all the towers in the city till I find fox at the top of the danger tower at center camp.

We ride into a game of Beer Baseball. Many miss the beer tossed at them and have to drink it. I pick up a bat with a saw blade in the middle. A car pulls up to the field not knowing the danger. The pitcher lets go of the beer and it flies through the air. It gets closer to hitting my legs but I take a step back and use the momentum to swing the blade directly into its path. The can nearly splits in two and I have but sips to drink. Someone mentions that only the pope could swing like that. Sometimes years of baseball as a youth have purpose.

Day 2

Melissa and I try and shoot the show but our hearts are not. Its such a failure we head back early and call it a day.

I head back out and get molested for wearing bee underwear when I go past bee camp. Another topless girl wants to join me later for dancing but I never see her again. My bike lock stops working at this point and is forever locked rubbing against the spokes.

Day 3

I eat some delicious cookies and ride my bike to the edge of the city, when it breaks. I walk my bike rental to the repair shop and they tell me to bring gifts for such repair. When I come home I see glitter camp up and running. I offer to help out for our awesome camping spots and I am handed a bottle of gel glitter which I then rub on the nearest topless girl. Its only then that I fully stop moping about the show and really put in some quality volunteer time. Once we run out of people to glitter-fy I put all those years of tabling at college to use. ” come make yourself and the world a bit brighter at glitter camp” I yell…in my underwear and utility belt, cover in blue glitter. Somehow…… it works and nearly 90% of those I talk to want me to rub glitter all over them. The other 10% say they will come back tomorrow. Some even do!

After I try and fail miserably to get the glitter off, I join one of my glitter-ets, Molly and friends for a night that puts me more at peace with the universe. The stars are all shooting tonight. The photons from every object hit my body like soft joy.

Day 4

I walk my Bike to the repair shop again with gifts, only to see they are shut down. I leave my broken bike with the broken lock at center camp nearby with my pope hat on it. I can’t imagine anyone be able to take this bike.

I join my new friends and Molly but soon after we hit the dance floor and I take my clothes off, I have to save a friend who took to little to much to drink. When he stops drinking water we don’t hesitate to get the black rock medical rangers to help. NO COPS needed.

Day 5 – Birthday MAN BURN

I stop by ice cream camp and get a huge cone of chocolate ice cream. There I am joined by a new friend. We stop by bingo camp who need things like people stuffing their pants, naked couples and shirt cockers to fill their cards. They think I am stuffing my underwear. I tell them if they have someone to check they can know for certain. The girl on the loudspeaker doesn’t hesitate to check out and clear me from their packing accusations.

A giant art car passes by with a young girl flashing her breast at request of the bingo group. Dianna and I rush on while Nikki is lost in the rush to jump on the car that more resembles a runaway train.

We dance on the top of the bus until they stop.

When we get off we decide to celebrate my birthday the only natural way. Butt naked :-) We jump on a trampolines and get to the top of a tower with many spectators….

The cookies I had an hour before hand prepare me for the Burning of the Man. While the structure starts to go up I run out of space on my camera and have to erase footage like a madman! While surrounded by cranes and thousands of burners, a dust storm kicks up.

The difficultly of choosing shots permanently is heartbreaking. But to not record the Man falling on my 14mm 2.8 is even more a tragedy. The Man burns down and falls. I go to bed early.

Day 6- The TEMPLE

Black Rock city is no longer black rock city after the man goes down. Everyone is packing up and I do the same after helping others. Hoping it stays as warm as the other past 2 nights, where I found pants quite the hassle. Painfully, it gets so cold I have to rush and return home in the freezing desert to put on warm clothes before the temple goes up in flames. Each step is painful. At our rate there is no way we are going to make it back in time, Especially since the mushrooms kick in! But we are saved by an Art golf cart! I find out what time we plan to leave the next day and run to the temple as its already on fire. I watch it burn to the ground like the week, Like my show, like my love.

If only the world loved The Man a quarter as much as I do, success be mine. It’s the same love that makes me not afraid of annihilation. I think after a year it is time to abstain on my drug of choice.

Yet still the best place to be and one of the best week / birthdays of my life. Just wait till I find acceptable footage to put online.