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Questions And Answers

I can’t find an old video I wanted to see. Where is it?

You can find every video on my Vimeo account at

Why did you name your site Vile Kyle?

It’s a good excuse if someone is offended by something on the site. “Well it is named Vile Kyle….”

Also it rhymes better than

Smile Kyle, File Kyle, Bile Kyle, Dial Kyle, Isle Kyle, Pile Of Kyle, Style Kyle, Hostile Kyle, Square Mile Kyle

What Cameras do you use?

Cannon 5D Mark II and Steadicam Flyer

My early stuff was filmed using a Sony DCR-HC85.  then Sony HVR-Z1U w/
Red Rock 35mm Adapters. Some blog footage was shot on a cannon SD 200.

What software do you edit with?

I am currently using FCP