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 I’m so joyous all the time it’s weird to not be. I get high off it.
 My genes MY Genes

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In love. So much but living in the moment.
 Live Volcano hike, suba diving, motorcycle ridding, waterfall jumping, beautiful beaches and nude ones as well.
 All this right after the best glitter party at my apartment ever.

Location:S 5th St,New York,United States

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The thing about reaching your dreams is that once you get there you have no dreams. Then we make new dreams.

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 So after years and year I find someone who can really match my brain waves. So much it used to scare me. Not so much anymore. I may have something special or I might be blind in love.
 She is my best friend and lover and inspiration.
 Where this goes no one know but I can promise it won’t be boring.

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Kinda having a hard time here. Hope Kat and mike are ok.

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Euro Trip May 2015

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Copenhagen – Christiania was incredible. Green light district. Arriel my little Jewish flighty princess. It’s the ones that get away. Riding the bike is the only way to get around. Downtown hostel is the best hangout. Great free walking singing your guide. We even had roller coaster times at tivoli gardens. Not a garden….  

Berlin – seeing Fran again was a special treat. Didn’t care for wombats but loved east seven hostel. The brothel was fun because I didn’t pay for sex. Just enjoyed the scenery and showers. Another great walking tour. Christy was also a hoot. Also missed the sauna there but maybe next time. The underground dance clubs live up to hype. Gotta love public drinking. Well I do. Great walking tour, better than the museums there. Found out I like only the Weiss beer there a bit to late. 

Amsterdam – it has lost a pinch of its charm for me. I found it a bit hard to meet people under the influence. Always felt judged. Had some fun talking burning man and having some girls overhear the conversation. Enjoyed the canal tour with some punk girl. But the Art Deco sauna was way to fun. Next time I am – spending all my time there. 

Corfu – the pink palace lives up to the hype. Even tho it was only about 20 of us they really showed us a great time. Great free dinner and the breakfast was great as well. So many activities and finally got some…well a lot. Although not much to write about. What I really loved was the skinny dipping every night and meeting Lara. My crazy long lost twin. To bad she has a boy. Next time I will go during the busy season and get a group to go to the nude beach there

Santorini – beautiful place. Starting with cliff diving and atving everywhere. Despite the clouds that was the best sunset of my life. But even the best sunset can’t beat an incredible blow job in the alley. Great ending for the location. Totally worth going back to the hostel for the paper towels. Next night night finally realized that people do indeed have sex in the hostels with others sleeping. maybe my earplug have hidden this fact up till now. 

Loved jumping from beach to each on my atv even tho it scared the shit out of me. 125cc is more than enough. Randomly ran into Seth on the otherside of the island! 

Athens – my first night out alone was a total bust. Missed that the trains stop running and had a scary cold long walk home. antropolis is cool. The other ruins get old fast. Emilly made my night in the hostel shower room after she got over her issues. 

Loved the anarchist park area and wish I had more time to visit the info Alexadra gave me. 

Budapest – immediately I notice the subway doors here will decapitate you if you get caught in them.they close with anger.  cheap food, great party hostel. First night drinking wine on the steps and dancing with some oriental cuties was fun. Best was running into Matt macarr. Better was meeting Sam the Aussie. What a laugh having with him. Can’t beat that bike tour. One of my favorite moments was jumping on the statues at Herod square with everyone. The birthday boy was running down the street with his pants at his ankles Bear ass and then almost got hit by a bus. 

booze Cruze. Now that was beautiful. Best was meeting Alyssa who was the semi punk short hair cutie I noticed earlier not wearing a bra around the hostel area. Remet her at the boat and after kissing her took her back to the hostel for the wildest and best sex I had all month. What a cutie. Hell I even like her. Loved walking up next to her. Loved going all morning with her. Then to the baths. One of my favorite moment was carrying her around the pools in my arms and then to our changing room. To bad she’s in Chicago and smokes cigs…. But I still hope I get to see her again soon. Kinda made my trip, really was the romance I was looking for. To bad our time was so short. But then she missed her train, and then got a hotel room which I shared with her the next night. My last night in Budapest. 

Stockholm – so expensive to me. Fun night getting drunk but getting cock blocked was a bummer. The museum of the ship was one of the most interesting I have seen. Even had a little boat ride with Seth because he got a little lost. 

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BM 2015 uncompleated

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Bm 2015 Tuesday – Wednesday LA I arrive in LA and first things first. In and out burger with stripes. I meet his roommates Caroline and nick who will be joining us at Glittercamp. I then wait around Claytons apartment hoping I can get my supplies while Clayton puts priority on his playa gifts… And sowing up a dog bed. Which was awesome. So I don’t worry about dying in the desert Maddy ends up taking me for supplies. Thursday We start the long ride to Black Rock City. Clayton kills it all the way to night on no sleep. I stop in empire to pickup some LED string lights. We reach the dust. In the line we meet other excited burners. Drink some beers and watch for cops. We are the first at the container. I open it up and pull out a tent and Clayton pulls out his inflatable mattress. Sleep. Friday We wake up on playa and others have arrived in our camp in the night. We unload the storage container and wish Stripes a happy birthday. He plans for his picnik at your own risk at the traditional spot 1 o’clock spot. Bill, Eli and Brent join us. The musical plays on brc radio and I go to the radio station for an interview. Stripes and I have an interesting conversation and interaction with Brest milk with a women,…. who used to be a man. Saturday – dust storms. Bubbles tent and mine are flying in the storm. We rebar bubbles tent and spend most the time in the RV drinking and hearing old Glittercamp stories of when cheeks brought uniforms and messed with all of burning man, Sunday – big setup day for tazi. Jon Chester leads a killer crew. Karen and I got a lot of sunscreen on each other. Monday – the glittering starts. I setup the tent and the people come! I meet crystal in glasses and a panda hoodie. Tuesday – Emilly and adi arrive. Also acid night. The night of bunghole yurt. Wednesday – we glitter Emilly for her first time its early in the day. Walking with Bubbles, Emilly, Adi and myself to Dr brokers was awesome. I shall call it the golden naked glitter god day. hope to find some photos sometime. we walk past a line and the line goes crazy over us. When we get to the Dr Bronners its closed still so we return to camp. When I start we dont even leave the glitterbox at 3 and H. meet Brooklyn cute with short hair. Meet Mia – show her my tent careful to not get any glitter on it. That night I go to the white party with Mia, Christina 2 other girls and myself. since one of the girls has been interested in mia for a while but mia never went for it so she is helping set the frame for one crazy night. everything looking great. even Christine is down. So i then take out 3 molly i was gifted earlier while bartending. on our way back to camp i get so tired. I realize. that wasn’t molly. Maybe K. we laying tazi and say goodnight. no 5 some… I dont even care from the K at least i didn’t get my tent covered in glitter. Thursday – i feel terrible. i wake up ugh. miss that opportunity last night. imix glitter but we dont glitter. i dont even leave camp Friday – My birthday – dusty. Glittering brooklyn and spending time with her. Saturday – best longest glitter session ever. Saw the man burn with christina.

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The draw of life

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 It’s been some time. The time ticks and I realize this job will kill me. Buy t you should know the other choice would killed me slowly over years and years.

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It’s getting better

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The thing that has plagued me the last 2 years. Caused me more suffering will soon be gone. So happy to make some changes. The weight is lifted.

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 When you live a life like mine normal life is tourture.

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